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Don’t know what Best Refer and Earn apps are in India? 

Don’t worry, we are here to help you with this article, where we will share all the details on top refer and earn apps for Paytm cash including refer and earn demat apps. 

Best Apps to Refer and Earn in India 2022👍

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Let’s see which apps are best to refer and earn money in India that you can use to make some extra bucks by referring your friends and family members. 

Find out about each app and get more details on how to use these apps as well as grab your referral code from the list given below! 

Welcome, friends! I believe you all are safe and well throughout this epidemic. Today, I will share some refer and earn apps in this article so that you can kickstart your passive income (Side Income) while working for just 1-2 hours a day. 

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Step by Step Guide to Make Some Passive Income by Referring Apps:

Many of you, I'm sure, are students, housewives and some people who are looking for extra money in addition to your regular job. 

You may make quite a bit of Paytm Rewards and actual money in your bank account if you install these applications and start inviting people. 

We all have smartphones and utilize them to download a variety of applications.

How to Earn Money Online by Referring Apps in India?

Money transfer applications and fantasy cricket apps, in my view, are excellent ways to make money in the bank. 

However, several online shopping applications and Demat accounts, such as Upstox, Paytm Money, and Groww, have attractive referral offers.

The Indian mobile phone market has grown tremendously over the last couple of years and with that, so have the number of app users.

Refer and Earn Through Demat Accounts

If you’re an Indian investor, it can be helpful to learn how to use your demat account to make money with referring and earning programs

Demat accounts are essentially electronic share trading accounts that can be used to buy or sell shares of stock online. 

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With a little bit of work, investors can also link their bank accounts to their demat accounts; then they can simply pay their bills online through their banking system. 

It might sound complicated, but getting started is easy. Here’s what apps can help you to refer and earn on demat accounts

1. Upstox

refer and earn upstox, refer and earn apps

This is one of my favorites refer and earn apps. You can buy stocks (BANKNIFTY, NIFTY, etc.) for as little as 100. 

What I like most about Upstox is that even though you have to shell out a minimum amount to start, you can withdraw your money after a certain threshold. 

This way, you don’t end up spending a lot of money on stocks if you’re not sure about how it all works. We may make money by referring your friends and family members to this app.

You will receive 400 in your wallet if you share the Upstox Referral Code and referral link. This money is available for withdrawal to your bank account at any time.

Create Upstox Account

2. Groww App

refer and earn groww, refer and earn apps

Groww is a mobile app that allows users to refer friends, family, and colleagues for different services. It is also one of the best refer and earn apps like upstox.

Using Groww is as simple as downloading it on your phone. For each successful referral, you will earn 100

Groww is an online investing platform where users can invest in different mutual funds and equities. It has easy to understand user interface.

Create Groww Account

3. 5Paisa

refer and earn 5Paisa

In India, this is also a stock brokerage. Regardless of the size, commodity, or trade exchange, it charges a single brokerage fee.

It has no account opening fees and charges a fixed fee of 10 per completed mutual fund order. You may buy both direct and traditional mutual funds on 5Paisa. 

You'll also have to pay AMC fees. 5Paisa, an online stock brokerage firm, has a wonderful referral program. 

If you recommend a friend, you will receive ₹500 (for the first referral) and a lifetime brokerage fee of up to 40%. To suggest a friend, you must first register a 5Paisa Demat account.

4. Paytm Money

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With Paytm Money, you get ₹50 as a welcome bonus when you deposit or transfer any amount to your new wallet. You can then use it to deposit in your wallet or invest in stocks. 

Also, if your friends sign up on Paytm with your referral code, you will receive ₹100 in each of their wallets! 

There are several reports of people earning anywhere between over 9k and 10k per month via refer-and-earn Paytm money! It has become one of India’s favorite ways to earn money.

Create Paytm Account

5. PhonePe

refer and earn phonepe

PhonePe has been offering its customers an interesting referral program that rewards them with digital money. 

The program has worked really well to give some funds to first-time users, who often share their experiences with others through social media or word of mouth.

When new users sign up via a link on your phone and make an online transaction of 500 or more, you will get 100 instantly into your account. 

This money can be used as Mobile Recharge or you can send it to any bank account instantly. 

When a referred user completes any transaction, both of you will get 100 worth of amount credited into your accounts respectively!

Create PhonePe Account

6. Angel One

refer and earn angel broking

Launched by Angel Broking, one of India’s leading broking firms, you can create an account to earn money by referring other users. 

Refer five other people to open a Demat Account with Angel Broking and you’ll get 1,000 credited into your brokerage account.

Also, you can get 400. Voucher. That’s a good incentive for one of my favorite brokerages.

Create Free AngelOne Account

7. Zerodha

refer and earn zerodha

If you want to begin your investing career online, Zerodha is the perfect place to start. It has a very user-friendly UI for newbies. On Zerodha, you may invest in stocks, IPOs, F&O, and other financial instruments. 

You will receive 10% of the brokerage charge for the rest of your life if you recommend a friend. This money can be withdrawn to a bank account by investors.

  • To begin, launch the Kite by Zerodha app.
  • Select User ID or Profile from the drop-down menu.
  • Scroll down to the 'Invite Friends' option and press it.
  • Select 'Share' from the drop-down menu.
  • Earn a 10% brokerage commission by sharing your referral link.

Other Apps to Refer & Earn Money

8. Google Pay

refer and earn Google Pay

You can refer friends on Google Pay, send money to your contacts, request funds from others, and even set payment reminders.

When you refer friends who use it to make a transaction of ₹500 or more, you will get ₹100 back in Google Pay balance. 

You can also earn referral bonuses by referring businesses that use it to receive payments from customers.

Create Google Pay

9. EarnKaro

refer and earn Earnkaro

For earning money using your smartphone, there’s really no better app than EarnKaro. You can earn a good amount of money by referring friends to various apps through your device. 

It takes less than two minutes to sign up, after which you’ll receive an SMS with your unique referral code. 

After signing up, you can create a custom URL (also known as a destination link) that directs people to any specific website when they click on it. 

When someone buys something via your link, EarnKaro will credit your account with points that convert into cash.

Create Account and Refer EarnKaro Now

10. WinZO

refer and earn winzo

If you’re looking for a way to make extra money, then WinZO might be a great place to start. The app offers users a unique opportunity to earn rewards on an array of exciting activities. 

From playing games like cricket, bubble shooter, fruit samurai, etc, there are plenty of other ways to boost your earnings every day.

Create WinZO Account

11. Cashkaro

refer and earn CashKaro, refer and earning app in india

If you refer your friends to CashKaro, you can earn 50 per referral. Plus, when your friends shop on CashKaro using their unique promo code, they’ll get 100 off.

Referring your friends will only take a minute of your time, so sign up here and refer today!

Create CashKaro Account and Get Rs. 25 Bonus.

12. Meesho

refer and earn Meesho

Meesho is India's most popular resale app. You may make money here by referring others and reselling things. 

This is a subject on which I've already published an article. You may make money here by reselling things and referring others.

This article is about 'India's greatest refer and earn app.' As a result, discussing Meesho's resale is pointless. The Meesho Referral is divided into four components.

You will earn 25% of your friends' sales for the following 12 months if they join the Meesho App through your referral.

Create Meesho Account

Use promo code: KGRWAUU03748 to get upto 30% discount on the first order.

13. My11Circle

refer and earn my11circle

It's a cricket fantasy game. You may play fantasy cricket, football, and rummy with this app. 

Rummy Circle is another name for this software, which is also known as the Sourav Ganguly fantasy cricket app. You will receive a reward of 551 in your bank account if you use this app. 

On this app, you may play fantasy cricket, football, and rummy games if you want to.

However, there is no need to pay or deposit a single rupee to receive 551 for a referral in the bank. You may only do so with the help of a recommendation.

Create My11Circle Account

Refer and Earn by Shopping App

Many of us like shopping on the internet. There are several apps that allow us to shop for our favorite things online. Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra are just a few examples. 

Apart from these, there are several online shopping applications that we may use to purchase online or earn money by referring others.

A). Meesho - Earn by referring

Meesho is India's most popular resale app. From the Meesho App, we can earn 25% of revenue for the first three months and up to $50,000 over the next 12 months.

B). Myntra - Online Shopping Site

Myntra is the most popular eCommerce portal for fashion and personal care products. The Myntra App also allows us to buy personal items and technology devices. We will receive 200 MynCash if we introduce a friend to Myntra. Please keep in mind that 1 MynCash equals a one-time discount on your future order.

C). Amazon - Popular Online Shopping Platform

Amazon is the most popular online shopping platform in India and throughout the world. You will receive a 31 bonus in Amazon Pay if you promote your friends to Amazon and they make their first UPI payment.

D). Flipkart: 

There is no direct referral policy at Flipkart. You may earn from 50 supercoins to 1000 Flipkart vouchers every day if you recommend your friends to play video quizzes on the Flipkart App. Every day, you must invite 5 friends to participate in a video quiz.

FAQs: (Refer and Earn Apps)

1. How to refer and earn in Paytm?

You may earn a ₹100 reward in your bank account by referring a friend. You may also get money by introducing friends to applications such as Paytm First Games, My11Circle, Groww, EarnKaro, and others.

2. How to refer and earn money on Amazon?

For a new referral, you might get a reward of $21 in your Amazon account. (Amazon account refers to Amazon Pay Balance)

3. What is the best refer and earn Demat accounts?

A few of the top refer and earn Demat accounts in India are Upstox, Groww, Zerodha, and 5Paisa.

4. What is the Upstox refer and earn offer today?

Upstox's referral program has been scaled back. Previously, every referral was worth ₹1200. However, for a new referral on Upstox, you will only receive ₹300-₹600.

5. How to withdraw the Upstox referral balance into a Bank account?

After your initial investment, you may only withdraw your referral sum into your bank account.

6. What apps give money for referring friends?

Groww, Upstox, My11Circle, CashKaro, WinZO, EarnKaro, Google pay, Paytm money, and more all pay real money for referring friends.

7. Can I earn money by referring?

When you refer a friend to Paytm and ask them to sign up, you and your buddy both receive money using the referral code. When a friend deposits Rs 50 to their Paytm wallet, you get Rs 100 in Paytm money. Through Refer and Earn, you may earn up to Rs 5,000 in Paytm money.


In this article, we have mentioned some best apps to refer to and earn money without any investment. EarnKaro, Cashkaro, and Myntra are just a few of the affiliate marketing applications that provide an excellent referral program. You will receive a commission if your referred friends make a purchase using your link. 

There are several UPI money transferring applications, online shopping apps, and fantasy cricket games available in India, which all give a significant referral bonus. These 'Refer and Earn Apps in India 2022' would be ideal for you if you wish to earn extra passive cash.

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