How To Earn Money Online Using GP Links | 100% Genuine (Review)

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Earn Money Online Fast Using URL Shortener

Are you a Blogger, YouTuber or a student and wants to earn money online fast?

If you want to apply for legitimate sites, you can use YouTube, blogging, freelancing, article writing, backlinking, SEO services, shortener links, and PPD sites.

High Paying URL Shortener Sites

Shortened URLs are another perfect way to make money online with very little investment in the list of online money-making strategies. Making money from a short URL website is a simple process. Also check out best, cheap and reliable web hosting plans for beginners to start their journey in blogging.

Another alternative to GP Links is, We have already published a Review. Check it out now.

You're probably aware that there are a variety of custom URL Shortener websites available online. 

But, for your guidance, I'm going to discuss a real genuine custom short URL website where you can make money by updating links.

Simply share your link as much as possible and convince your audience or visitors to visit these short URLs to earn lots of money by doing nothing. 

The good advantage to this shorten URL website is that it is still a high-paying short URL platform with a $5 minimum payout. 

That means you can withdraw out your earnings as soon as you collect $5.

Make Money Online Using GP Links Link Shortner

What Is GPLINK And How Does It Function?

Earn Money Using GP Links

GP Links is a URL shortening network that allows us to earn money online by shortening any URL. 

That means, we can convert any URL into a short URL and this site will pay for every visit which is really great because we can do it without having any blog or website. 

However, if you own a website or are a YouTuber with a large following, you can earn more than the average user.

GP Link is an online service that allows us to shorten any URL with a single click. 

GP links promote their services or content whenever a visitor or user clicks upon that short URL, and the GP link URL Company then pays us. 

The best part about this website is that it is not a pay-per-click network. Which means, it paid us for each visit. It's not all about clicking.

For example, GP links pay $1–$7 per 1000 visits. Since each country and each ad has a different rate for advertising, earnings are also dependent on the visitors' country. 

However, they have officially confirmed that for 1000 views on the GP links website, you will receive $7. 

GP links website has a $5 minimum payout, which is excellent because it allows you to withdraw your earnings easily. 

You may also use the referral link service to make more money from the GP links website.

How do people benefit from the GP link?

GP links is a URL shortening service that lets users shorten any URL. 

After that, those users can share their links anywhere they want to get more clicks, and the GP link website will pay them for each click. 

The marketing strategy is simple and clear. The majority of the revenue is made by publishers. 

Advertisers may use the GP links site to show their digital advertisements, with half of the advertisement revenue going to the publishers. 

As a result, users can receive anywhere between $0.03 to $0.70 per click and review of your shortened link.

Similarly, you will earn $6 to $7 from the GP link platform for every 1000 views.

GP Links website's Average Payout and Payment Methods:-

The minimum withdrawal requirement is $5, which means you can withdraw your earnings from GP links as soon as they reach that amount. 

Making $5 from the GP link is easy because you can achieve these goals with only 1000 – 2000 views.

GP Links Payout Rates

GPLinks Withdrawal Method:-

GP links support approximately 13 unique payout methods for various countries such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the United States, and others.

1. PayPal

2. Paytm

3 PhonePe

4. UPI

5. Google Pay

6. Skrill

7. Bank Transfer

8. bKash (Bangladesh)

9. Google Play Gift card

10. Wire Transfer

11. Amazon Gift Card

12. Bitcoin

13. e-Sewa (Nepal)

How Do GPLinks Help You Make Money Online?

Using the GP link shorten URLs site to make money online is extremely easy. 

Simply fill out the registration form on the GP links website, shorten your URLs, and post your link on social media sites such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and your blog.

Create a new account by clicking the link below. You can also use your Google ID to make a GP links account.

GP Links Sign Up

GP Links Sign In and Sign Up Page

Verify your email address in the confirmation mail you got.

It's done. You will be redirected to the GP links dashboard after your free GP links account has been successfully established.

Once you're in the "GPLINKs Dashboard" area, go to the left side panel and select "New Shorten Link" >> enter your original URL.> >To make a short URL, click the "Shorten" button as shown below. 

That's all you have to do. Now you can start earning on the GPLinks website by sharing this short link.

GP Links Dashboard Shorten Links

Tips: Distribute the link as much as possible to increase your earnings. More visitors to the GPLinks site means more money earned.

Tips To Increase More Views On GP Links and earn more revenue:-

The key point now is to figure out how to get even more clicks or views on the GP link's short URL in order to make more money online.

GP links pay for each and every visit, as we previously said. As a result, your objective should be to increase the number of people who click on your link. You may use the suggestions below to do this.

A). For YouTubers – So if you're a YouTuber with a channel, you can include short URLs in the description of the video. 

It's not difficult to make money from GP links if you have a large number of visitors to your video on youtube.

B). For Website Owners – Website owners may use these shortened links in their posts and encourage their visitors to click them.

C). Non-website owners and YouTubers – If you don't have a Youtube account or website, you can use Shorten links to post on other people's videos on YouTube. 

Post a comment with a shortened link for the website. 

These methods will help you in earning money from GP links without having to create a website.

Post Your Links On Social Networks – One of the best free places to share your links is on social networking sites. 

You can make a Page on Facebook, a WhatsApp group, and other social media accounts, then share the links with your viewers.

GP Links Earning Proof:


I have written this article for helping bloggers, YouTubers, and Students to earn money online as part-time work. You can also check out these best websites to make money online without any investment.

I will soon upload more online money-making tricks. If you like this post please share this with your friends.

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