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 Top Google Adsense Alternatives for Your Website or Blog

Google AdSense is the most popular online advertising tool to make money from your blog or website, but that's not the only option available today. You might also want to try out some of the Best Adsense Alternatives.

If you haven't created an AdSense account yet, you've had trouble having it approved, or you would like to divert your income, there are plenty of various alternative advertising programs that offer amazing features and allow you to make extra revenue from your site. 

What is Google Adsense?

If you aren't even aware, Adsense is an advertisement system run by Google. It was launched in 2003 and is among the most popular networks of online ads for bloggers and website owners trying to monetize their websites.

You definitely saw them all over the internet. They look a bit like this:

What Website Category Is Adsense Best?

You can also use Google AdSense on every kind of website. But there are other places that are best suited to run Adsense ads on them

Let's take a fast look at what kinds of websites Adsense is great for:

Blog sites - one of the most popular. If you're a blogger and regularly publish high-quality content to the public, ads can be a great way to monetize posts.

Forums – Forums are a great medium to communicate around a topic, instead of writing blogs, while also gaining some Adsense revenue.

So what if Adsense ads don't like to be used on your site? How Would I Look For High CPM Adsense Alternatives in 2021?

For several years Google Adsense has been one of the leading ways bloggers can make money from their blogs.

In reality, your site will generate a decent amount of revenue, with the right niche, good content, and an engaged audience.

Yet that doesn't mean the only option is this. There are a lot of options out there and reasons to search for new outlets for advertising.

You may already have an Adsense account but you want your revenue sources to expand. Or maybe you want to keep Adsense ads going and add some extra streams to it.

Alternatives for Google AdSense:

Google Adsense Alternative is the best solution to monetize your blog or website and generate a good amount of revenue. Google Adsense is one of the most popular ways to monetize any site but it is not the only option. 

Many times, you don't get Adsense approval quickly. It takes so much time if your site is new. There are so many best Ad Networks for the website that can help you to monetize your site even if your domain is

Let's take a closer look at these alternatives to Google AdSense and find out how you can further monetize your site or blog:

1. PropellerAds - Best Ad Network for Small Blogger

PropellerAds - Best Adsense Alternative

Register Now
is a huge advertising network providing a variety of advertising such as banners, supported links, push notifications, and allowing you to reach 1 billion users.

It's easy to use the self-serve platform with a simple ad builder that helps you to get your campaigns live with minimal trouble. With plenty of targeting options and tracking real-time results, you can work reactively to boost your campaigns.

It also features automatic ad optimization, where AI fine-tunes your settings and gives you the best number of clicks for each ad without any manual effort.

PropellerAds provides weekly payments and the lowest amount for the transaction is just $5.

  • Model: CPM, CPC, CPA
  • Minimum traffic: No minimum traffic is required

2. Amazon Native Shopping Ads

Amazon Associates (Native Shopping Ads)

Register Now
Amazon's affiliate program
 has been around for a long period of time for bloggers as well as other website owners to raise extra revenue, but Amazon's Native Shopping Ads offers several high-reward methods of monetizing the website. 

Amazon Native Shopping Ads are interactive, similar to AdSense advertisements, and display individual products based on the website content and keywords. 

If a user goes on to make a purchase after clicking on the ad, you will receive a commission from this transaction, irrespective of whether the item clicked on was for that item.

Amazon is the world's largest eCommerce platform and its transaction rate is much higher than any other rival in eCommerce.

At Amazon Associates, the minimum amount for payment is $10.

3. PopAds - Best For Downloading Sites

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As the names suggest, PopAds specializes in a digital advertisement from the popunder, pretending to be the best-paid advertising platform for this kind of ad. 

Their network includes marketers from over 50 countries, and they provide a proper procedure to both advertisers and publishers

There are plenty of targeting choices to help you boost your promotions, and you have total power over what you want to pay.

This uses a state-of-the-art bidding system that allows you to pick how much you want each popunder to pay. The lower the offer, the less traffic that you get. All publisher sites are reviewed by humans to ensure they comply with certain quality standards.

What payment methods are available?

Currently, They can send your payment using PayPal, AlertPay, and Wire Transfer.

What is the minimum withdrawal?

It is only $5.00 for PayPal and AlertPay. For Wire Transfer, it is $500.00.

  • Model: CPV, CPM
  • Minimum traffic: No minimum traffic requirement

4. Adsterra - Best Google Alternative (High CPM)

Adsterra provides fantastic advertising solutions for publishers and marketers alike, allowing them to pursue a new approach that is not Google-focused.

It is a fast-growing, well-respected network that generates more than 10 billion impressions per month. 

Adsterra makes it extremely easy to monetize your website traffic with its user-friendly platform which is why it is one of the leading digital advertising firms in the world.

It also provides creative ad formats such as popunders, pre-roll video, and push alerts for both web and mobile, along with relevant ads such as display banners.

  • Model: CPM, CPL, CPA
  • Minimum traffic: No minimum traffic is required
  • All payments are processed in USD (wires can be processed in EUR).
  • The minimum payout for PayPal, Bitcoin, and USDT (Tether) is $100.
  • The minimum payout for Webmoney, Paxum is $5.
  • The minimum payout for Wire is $1000.

5. - best Adsense alternative 2021

Register Now delivers ads from the contextual ad network of Yahoo! Bing, which includes a wide pool of national and local advertisers. It is the best alternative to Google Adsense because has the second high CPM rate after Google Adsense.

This guarantees a fill rate of 100 % throughout all verticals and ad formats. Some of the publishers of are Forbes, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Reuters, and CNN.

This ad network supports regular ad sizes for IAB and has links from all major DSPs to high-quality ads. In addition, offers interstitial desktop display units, native content, contextual ads, and docked smartphone ads.

  • Model: CPM, CPC, CPA
  • Minimum traffic: No minimum traffic is required.

6. BidVertiser

BidVertiser Review 2021

Register Now

BidVertiser is an ad network that has an interesting model for monetization. The publisher even gains extra income when the click leads to a purchase, i.e. sales for the advertiser, in addition to making money for each ad that is clicked.

BidVertiser promotes different formats of ads, including banners, skyscrapers, rectangles, and more. Publishers can also customize the layout of these units to fit the look of their website by using the given point-and-click tool.

Their bidding method provides that each ad unit always gets the highest possible revenue to publishers. Publishers can easily track their ad results, clicks, click-through rate, and the total amount they've received using the reporting interface.

  • Model: CPM, CPC
  • Minimum traffic: No Minimum Traffic is Required

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Which is the best Adsense Alternative?

We have provided the list of High CPM Ad Networks for small blogs and websites. They all are tested and verified. They all have different types of Display Ads formats.

2. Can I get Instant Approval on these Ad Networks?

Yes, of course! These are top-rated Ad Network sites. You can get easy and instant approval on your blog. You can also get approval on sites. Some Ad Networks might take 24 hours to review your site but you have a 99% chance that your site will get approved.

3. Why should I use Google Adsense Alternative?

If you are facing any trouble to get Adsense Approval or you want to generate some extra revenue or you have a downloading site like movies downloading sites, software downloading sites, songs, videos downloading sites then you have no chance to get Adsense approval. 

At that point, the most blogger gets disappointed. So, we have a cure for this problem. Try one of these Adsense Alternatives and earn some revenue.

4. What type of Ad Formats I will get?

There are so many Ad Formats available like text ads, direct link ads, push notifications, video ads, banner ads, pop-under ads, social bars (Adsterra), etc. 


So, here we have listed the best Google Adsense Alternative for 2021. They all have their own importance. We have tested all the Advertisements networks with our blogs and some domains with 10-15 posts. They all approved quickly. 

Our best recommendation is Adsterra because it has a higher CPM than any other advertising platform. We suggest you try out all of the advertising networks and then decide what you like to continue with. We have given direct registration links above.

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